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Roof Repair and Attic Ventilation, Bowie, Md.

Bowie Md Roof Job
 This home in Bowie, Maryland had a significant moisture problem in the attic; in fact, on a cold winter day in January, the subroofing on the north side of the house was covered in ice. To get rid of the moisture permanently, we'll be adding metal ridge vent at the peak, and the Edge soffit ventilation at the eaves.

Metal Ridge Vent Installation:

Remove ridge hingles
 We will start by removing the ridge shingles and eventually cutting a 2.5" slot in the 1/2" CDX plywood at the peak.
Remove other shingles
 Since there are 2 layers of existing shingles on the roof, we will be cutting through about 8 layers of shingles to get to the plywood.
Cut shingles down to plywood
 Why 8 layers, you ask? Well, there are two shingles per layer that need to be cut, so technically, that's 4 shingle cuts per side -- however, the shingles "lap over" to the other side at the peak. That's a LOT of cutting!
Subroofing exposed
 OK, we're down to the plywood. Time to cut the plywood.
1/2" CDX plywood cut for vent
 There is the evidence of the moisture ... the dreaded mold.
Roof prepped for ridge vent
Roof over garage
 Now for the ridge vent area over the garage.
Ridge vent slot cut
Sealing strips installed
 To get a flat seal between the metal ridge vent and the shingle surface, we have carefully cut some strips from spare 25 year shingles and nailed them in place.
Installing metal ridge vent
 The new metal ridge vents by Air-vent Inc have been set into Geocel sealant and screwed down with glavanized roofing screws.
Vent screwed down and sealed
 Note all of the fasteners holding down the vent.
Roofing type screws
 The ridge vent fasteners use steel and neoprene washers for sealing.

The Edge Soffit Vent Installation:

Shingles being stripped
 Now it's time to prepare the eaves for the Edge Vent. Once again, 2 layers of shingles are coming off; approximately 4 courses from the gutter.
Custom aluminum drip edge installed
 Next, our custom made 5" aluminum drip edge is installed ...
Ventilation slot cut in subroof
... then the required 1" slot is cut right above the protective aluminum.
Edge Vent by Air-Vent Inc. being installed
 AND the Edge Vents are nailed into place with 3" roofing nails. Nice!
The Edge Vent completed.
 Finally with all of the Edge Vents in place, all we need is a covering of "ice and water shield" and then some Certainteed XT25 three tab shingles. Next up, a video showing a roof job we completed in Potomac, Md - with some more detail about the ventilation we're using here ...

Soffit Ventilation (additional):

Existing ventilation did not meet code
 After installing the ridge vent, we needed to check the existing soffit ventilation to see if there was enough (or any) present.  YES, some was there, but not nearly enough ...
Increasing existing soffit ventilation
 ...so after performing some calculations, we figured out the required amount of new soffit ventilation needed, and installed the correction (above and below pics).
Installing lanced vinyl soffit
Aluminum fascia replaced
 After all the lanced soffit panels were re-installed, we custom formed a new section of white aluminum fascia to replace the old.  Done!
Leaking around exhaust flashing
 And finally, we corrected the last two leaky areas on the roof; 1. heater exhaust base, and 2. pipe collar on fan vent.
Torn and leaky shingles
 The roofing here wasn't installed very well ...

 ...so we removed the old shingles around the unit.
Installing new XT25 shingles
 Then, we installed new Certainteed XT25 shingles,and sealed underneath with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.
Heater flange re-shingled
 OK, this leak is fixed!
Repairing leaky pipe collar
 The pipe collar, installed by others, was done incorrectly.
Pipe Collar Re-shingled
 OK, now we're in good shape!

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