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Ice and Water Shield

Ice and Water Shield And Our Custom Made Aluminum
Drip Edge Forms a Permanent Barrier Against Ice Dams

Custom Aluminum Drip Edge
  Custom Made full 6" Aluminum Drip Edge:  First, we custom form this aluminum out of vinyl covered coil stock on our sheet metal brake.  Why is this so important?

  • It's thicker, more durable and lasts longer
  • The extra protective vinyl coating is not available on regular drip edge
  • It can be made to match the pitch of your roof -- tighter seal 
  • The wider surface (4 times) will adhere to the WinterGuard much better
  • More water will flow into the gutter directly, protecting the fascia
  • It will eliminate "ice dams" and wind driven rain problems at the gutter edge
Ice and Water Shield
 Certainteed WinterGuard 'Ice and Water Shield" being rolled out here-- ready to have the backing removed and become permanently bonded to the plywood and drip edge.  Heat from the sun activates the sticky surface on the back of the product.
Ice and Water Shield & Drip Edge
WinterGuard Ice and Water
 The Protective Backer on the WinterGuard has been removed so that it's sticky underside can bond with the plywood and aluminum, forming a permanent seal against ice, water, and leaks.  Also, the body of the product remains soft and "gooey" so that nails driven through are immediately sealed; old-fashioned tarpaper or roofing felt just can't do this.