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$247 Roof Repair Special Gaithersburg, Md

 "Before" Pictures
Md Roof Repair Special
 Roof Repair Special Gaithersburg, Md ($247) - From the ground, the roof looks OK, but I bet when we get up on the roof we'll find a few things . . .
Metal Ridge Vent Repair
 I'll give this installer some credit for being innovative; instead of putting in the required end plug, he cut and bent down the metal ridge vent at the end . . . the problem is, this is the only one that got the treatment . . . all the rest were "probable leaks".
End Plug Missing From Ridge Vent
 I guess by now you know that one of my main "rants" is that the builder almost never installs the rubber end plugs on the metal ridge vents -- it's required, or it LEAKS!
Geocel Tripolymer Sealant
 Sometimes the "umbrella flange" is not caulked by the builder. This is the critical point of the flue joint (there are two on this roof) and will leak if not sealed. We'll seal it with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.
Shingle Nail Pops
 We found several exposed nails that were working on becoming leaks. We'll seal them with Geocel.
Nail Pop Closeup
Metal Ridge Vent Needs Repairing
 Every metal ridge vent is closely inspected and repaired where necessary. When needed, screws are applied to secure the vent to the roof; then Geocel is applied.
Image of Faulty Chimney Flashing
 The chimney flashing was never properly attached, and the caulking lasted only a few years. Once we rivet the flashings together, we will clean off the old caulking and apply Geocel, which will probably last the life of the roof.
Missing Moire Black Shingles (XT25)
 All of the cheap plastic pipe collars will be replaced with neoprene and aluminum upgrades.
Reseal Ridge Vent
 As you can clearly see here, the nails used to secure the metal ridge vent need to be refastened, or replaced with screws, then sealed with Geocel Tripolymer.
Tighten and Seal Metal Ridge Vent
Image of Chimney Flashing
 This flashing will be beautiful when correctly repaired.
Reattach and reseal chimney flashing
Seal Heat Exhaust Pipe
 Heat exhaust #2 needs to be sealed as well . . .
Replace pipe collar
 This pipe collar is probably leaking very, very slowly. The presence of extra moisture in the attic can lead to mold infestation and wood rot.
Repair missing shingle
 High winds gave this neighborhood a "beating".
Image of good and sealed counter flashing
 The counter flashing along the brick wall that integrates with the shingles and step flashing is in good shape.
Image of shingles sliding off roof
 A few shingles have started to slide out because of improper nailing techniques.
"After" Pictures

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