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Gutter Guards That Really Perform

Functional and Priced Right, Alcoa's Leaf Relief Protects 
Your Home and Requires Little Maintenance

Md Gutter GuardsWhen faced with the job of choosing gutter covers for your Maryland home, it can get pretty confusing.  Many homeowners are looking for the product that will make their gutters totally maintenance free.  Some salespeople will tell you they have this device, but despite the fact that there are some great gutter guard designs, the miracle product just doesn't exist.

Most of the products do a pretty good job keeping full sized leaves from entering your gutters -- but it's the little stuff like maple seeds, pods, flower petals, and buds that cause them all to fail to some degree.

I've Been Experimenting with Gutter Covers For Over 30 Years!

I've been experimenting with gutter covers for over 30 years now, and I find that some work much better than others -- and the more expensive guards are not necessarily the best.  Some of my customers tell me that they spent over $25.00 a foot for some of the "Nationally Famous" brands, and then when they did clog, the company never came back to honor their warranty!  I hate to see it when people spend a lot of money on something that doesn't work as promised.

Many "High Priced" Gutter Guards Can Actually Damage Your Roof

Most of these "high end" products actually slide under the second layer of shingles and require a screw to pierce the shingles and roof deck.  I don't like that design one bit!  It may also void your shingle warranty.  I've been on service calls where these screws have led to leaks and major damage!  That just doesn't make sense to me.

These types of systems are also almost impossible to remove when there is a problem.  And of course, most of the units that are easily removable, like screens and plastic strainers, simply don't work and can cause even more problems.

My Ideal Gutter Guard Must Have These Features:

  1. The system must keep most of the debris out of the gutter without restricting water flow into the gutter.
  2. The guards must be strong enough not to "cave in" yet easily removable for occasional cleaning.
  3. The units must not interfere or cause a puncture to the roof and void the shingle warranty.
  4. And, finally, the system must be engineered so that it works without adjusting or repositioning the entire gutter system.

Alcoa's "Leaf Relief" Passes ALL My Tests:

Click here to see Leaf Relief Video

Passing my requirements is one thing, but my customers have put Leaf Relief to the test, and so far it seems to rank as the favorite. 

"My Leaf Relief system doesn't clog, just like Alcoa says in it's warranty, it costs less than 1/4 of those high priced brands, and it doesn't stick up in the front of my house like the others do.  I love it!" says Tajeta Rice, of Bowie, Maryland.

. . . and I agree.  Leaf Relief looks good, it works great, and right now, it's only about $7.97 per foot, installed.  Not too shabby.  To get yours, just fill in your contact information, and click the "Get Leaf Relief" button.


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