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Choosing Your Roof Colors

CT Landmark Sample Board

Confused about how to choose your roof shingle colors?

OK, so you've looked at the roofing shingle sample board, and you just can't make up your mind what color would look good on your house.  It's hard to judge, just looking at those little biddy samples. 

It's important to us that you get the roofing color you like; after all, it's going to be up there for 25 years to life . . . so if you can narrow it down to two, maybe three colors at the most, we'll put your picks up on the roof so you can stand back and take a look.

It's just one more important service we do to make sure we get things right.  Oh, and of course, there's no charge!

Waldorf Roof Colors

Pewter - Georgetown Grey - Weathered Wood - Sunrise Cedar
 A shingle's color can look completely different on your HOUSE than it looks on the sample board.  Besides the limited size of the samples -- the roof pitch, sun angle, and the direction your house faces will also affect the look ...
Columbia Md Roof Colors

Sunrise Cedar - Colonial Slate - Pewter
Annapolis shingle colors

Weathered Wood - Heather Blend - Resawn Shake
Silver Spring roof colors

Colonial Slate - Heather Blend - Sunrise Cedar
 ... so stand back and take a look at "real" shingle samples. Make sure you get the color you absolutely love, because your NEW color will up there for a long, long time!