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Berger UDL Synthetic Underlayment

Berger UDL Ynthetic Underlayment
 Berger UDL Synthetic Underlayment: Berger UDL Synthetic Underlayment installed in Maryland by Home Restorations of Md.

When it comes to underlayment, or "tarpaper", I prefer the synthetic product called Berger UDL.  It protects better, lays flatter, kind of like a "shrink wrap", and also resists growing mold.  Most companies won't go the extra mile and suggest this material, but we know it's much better for our customers in the long run - and adds an additional 25 year Warranty feature. Nice!

In fact, Berger UDL is so durable it can be used with asphalt shingles, wood shakes, non-structural metal roofing, and synthetic and quarry slate roofing.[download brochure]

Technical and benefits:

  • UV stabilized and rated for one year exposure
  • Printed with nail patterns and alignment guides for quick and easy installation, so you get a better longer lasting job
  • Resists mold, potentially healthier for your family
  • Florida building code approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones as per TAS104, so it's more protective in high winds
  • 25-year warranty, adds one more protective layer to your home